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Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy
Now is a good time to start thinking about your diet and making positive changes to grow a healthy baby. Your baby will need lots of healthy food choices, like leafy greens and other veggies, fresh fruits, whole grains, lean meat and low-fat dairy.

Though you’ll be gaining weight in the future, most of that weight is comprised of amniotic fluid, blood, tissue and of course, your baby. Proper food choices ensure your baby gets the best vitamins and minerals to grow healthy tissue, strong bones and well-formed organs.

Foods To Avoid

There are lots of foods you should begin to avoid because they’re either unhealthy for your baby, or they’re full of empty calories. Here’s a list of foods you should begin to wean out of your diet so your baby-to-be only gets the best nutrients.

Processed Foods:
Though you may love white bread, cake mix and canned soups for their taste and ease of preparation, they’re foods potentially bad for you and baby. Processed foods are usually high in sodium (salt) and may contain hydrogenated oils, meaning the fat is processed to keep it from going rancid. Instead, avoid the mixes and go home-made so you know what’s in your food.

Raw Meat:
No sushi for you! The organisms and bacteria in sushi and other raw meats and fish can be deadly to your baby.

Though you’re probably thinking you can have ice cream every day, remember that delicious sundae has loads of fat and calories with very little nutritional benefit for your baby. Fat, especially in the form of hydrogenated oils, is unhealthy for you and baby and only serves to pack on the pounds.

Though you may love your cup of Joe in the morning, your baby doesn’t need the caffeine!

  • Caffeine dehydrates your body.
  • If you must have a cup of coffee or tea, switch to decaf.
  • Some sodas have lots of caffeine. Check the label first before drinking.

Chemicals, preservatives and additives:
These lurk in a lot of foods as well. You’ll want to begin reading the packages of food to see what you’re putting in your mouth, and in your baby’s body.

  • Though you probably already know that diet soda isn’t good for your babies, other chemicals and preservatives lurk in everything we eat, from luncheon meat to cake mix.
  • If you like the ease of prepackaged meals and items consider going organic. Health food stores offer a wide variety of healthy, organic foods that are pre-packaged and easy to prepare.
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